Welcome Address from the Chair of the 9th Alps-Adria Psychology Conference 2010 in Klagenfurt.

It is both our privilege and pleasure to invite you to the 9th Alps-Adria Psychology Conference 2010 hosted by the Alps-Adria University of Klagenfurt, from September 16th — 18th, 2010.

The Conference covers all fields of psychology and is therefore open to diverse topics; however, it is organized around the theme of health. This theme might help to increase the epistemic and praxeological concept of psychology and show the enormous quantity of links to other academic disciplines such as medicine, health care, and economics. Particular attention will be paid to the promotion of young scientists by awarding prizes and fellowships for their research work.

In the case of the Alps-Adria Psychology Conferences, the question emerges why the Alps-Adria region serves as a framework for a psychological conference that has already taken place here for the ninth time, although this region neither forms a consistent political system nor can be seen as a major scientific entity. Scientific conferences are attended to get new insights, to exchange scientific experiences, to establish a feeling of coherence within the professional boundaries. A possible answer to the aforementioned question may be our will to handle our motives to participate in such a conference in an honest and open way - to agree that international conviviality is an important part about it! Located in the geographically and culturally charming Carinthia, Klagenfurt offers modern academic facilities along with a multitude of leisure and touristic activities.

Looking forward to meeting you here,
Herbert Janig

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